Legends of Darkhollow

The Begger's Sludgepit

Sometimes to clean up, you have to get dirty.

Having just came to the mining community of Fool’s Roost, nestled within the mountain of the same name after a long journey northwards, the middle-aged human Cavalier Wood and his grotesque human Ranger bodyguard known only as “Companion” quickly met with the mayor of Fool’s Roost, Duke Rondo, who gave them a simple but disgusting task; dive into the Begger’s Sludgepit outside of town and defeat the goblins that have an underground lair below the pit. Realizing that they needed some help with this dirty job, Wood hired a humble human bard by the name of Dion, who’s vicious insults and magical horn-playing skill would soon be put to the test.

After a short trek along the mountainside, they came to the sludgepit, the garbage dump of Fool’s Roost. Seeing many beggers there they convinced one to dive in, who was quickly dragged down by zombies that preyed upon those unlucky enough to fall in. After destroying the Zombies the party swam through the thick filth and came to a tunnel which opened into a goblin encampment. After defeating the goblins in their lair and finding some modest treasures within, including a fire beetle that they bribed with food, they found several ladders leading to secret entrances to the goblin lair. The party didn’t have to dive into the muck to begin with! They tracked the remaining goblins and found their shaman in an isolated cave and soundly defeated him and his lackeys. The Duke was happy to be rid of the scavenging goblins, and awarded Wood a +1 Broadsword of Fear.



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